Friday, June 1, 2007

The Mood I am in...

I am drizzly, I am clouded, I am hidden under the umbrella, ever self-consumed. Bored, worried, in need of a random sun burst or a thunderstorm, I need something to clear the air, change the climate. Nothing to worry about, I am simply house-trapped, concerned about finances, pensive of about the future and present. Trying to avoid the mud puddles, the sink holes that I too often fall into. Who am I today? Am I the world beater that I sometime project, or am I the aimless lad, the fella that floats through life, the guy that rarely succeeds, and yet has been known to fail brilliantly. Am I simply whining to whine? Bored by it all right now, missing a certain girl (or 2 or 3), I will sort it out, or at the very least survive, that I always do..I am a surviver, pants will be muddy, face will be red, I will sweat the small and the large stuff and yet tomorrow is another day. Rain in the forecast, who knows what my internal climate might be? Sunny with cloudy periods as usual I bet.

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