Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Lost in the plot

It has been a struggle for me lately to write. It is not that my life has been mundane, I have been going all out and I have meet all sorts of interesting creatures. It seems that I have been more actor than playwrite. I have enjoyed being center stage, the belle of the ball and the talk of the town. My 'blossoming', enhanced of course by great friends and that certain buzz one gets when the weather improves, is healthy. A writer however, needs to be a recluse in order to produce (a little ten cent poetry there). A writer also has to experience life, they must be smacked by the ridiculous, smitten with the odd and unique, its matter of being out in it and then finding the time to write it all down. A friend of mine thinks that Annapolis 2007 will come pouring out of me as soon as I am away from it for awhile. Maybe she is right, maybe I simply need time to digest, this tiny post must be nothing more then gas or temporary bout of acid reflux...Tums Ta Tums Tums.

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