Sunday, December 17, 2006

Can You Hear The Rumble??

Well yes, my solitude is about to be smashed, the house is soon to be filled with the pitter and the patter of little feet..and yes even a few new pairs of even bigger feet....eeeeks, my perfection of the troll, the mystic that I have developed as a recluse...all set to change, I will soon have to act the big brother, the wacky uncle...heck i may have to become a man about the world.. if in doing such I might find somewhere in this big wide world, a quiet corner, a wifi Internet connection, a hanging light bulb, a spot to think, rethink, type, read...inhale, heck exhale, digest. I am not worried, i am not concerned, its all a matter of adaption, acquiring new skills, forming new habits.

Friday, December 15, 2006

The Problem Being.....

That, I find myself somewhere in between the what was, the might what have been, and the what might be. The female mystic, thighs in disguise...wanton, and I just might want some. Do I wish to regress, proceed, or attempt to make something out of nothing, am I yet another in a long line of romantics, is there no perfection, is there no true soul mate, why did she she leave me for Africa,would I have left her for Africa?? Damn these questions of, what is love, but a word, a transient feeling, an expression of the loins...a necessity perhaps of evolution?? She makes me think of the past, she makes me feel guilty in the present, she makes me long for the future. She, She, and yes She.

Rant, Rave, Spit Blood

Rant, rave, spit blood, take the kick to the balls, wallow in the mud. Laugh it off, strike back, act as if you are right. Write young man... write.

If they mock, scoff....write them off as incompetent. Fools they must be, archaic in mind and soul. Dumbfounded, fool hearted, hoodwinked by their religion, their false prophets, the holes in their constitutions. Wrong is their self-righteousness, wrong their stagnant sense of good vs evil. Inane, let them them cling to their sense of power, their us versus them. Their time is near, the fog will clear, intelligence trumps dogma, stronger wills will prevail. The good fight is one worth fighting....Rights over rites, logic will defeat profit. Carry on beautiful dreamers, your day will come.