Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Oh Poor Neglected Blog

Its been awhile..a mixture of nothing new to say, no time to say it and um maybe a batch of the writer's block. Best to try and plow through while in such a state..let the words do the talking. Can words talk sans tongue or voice box?? If a tree falls in a forest, and no one is there to hear it, does it make a sound?? Hell I don't know, my answer to the second question is of course the fallen tree makes a sound, how arrogant are we as a species to think that the whole of a forest grows deaf if one of us isn't there to record the event in our own ear drums...geez, the birds would scatter, the deer would leap, shite even the napping bear might stir. As for the first question, words might not talk but they are a powerful meduim, they can instill feelings of love, hate, laughter or tears. Ou!! Ok dats dat, I spit some quasi-philosophy, wrote a few to whether these words talked, umm well, I am not sure, ask the recently fallen tree, see what he heard.

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Freakin Valentine's Day

If you haven't been smacked in the face by the cut-out hearts, Cupid's bare arse, and all the other uber-tacky Vday products that clutter the local shops, well you have been either living on the moon, or in solitary confinement. Yes my dear friends Capitalism's answer to the spending lull between Xmas and Easter is upon us. Wait, wait you may be saying Valentine's Day is a day dedicated to all things's a day where if you are single (a voila) you are miserable, and if you are coupled up you fear that you will mess the whole thing up (what male on the planet has any idea what a female wants, or what she is thinking). I mean really, what kind of true romantic gesture is it to give a girl a rose, a box of chocolates, or a cheesy 2 buck Hallmark card???..I am not at all against going out to a nice restaurant, eating a fine meal, drinking a nice bottle of wine then say spending the rest of the night being 'romantic' in the sack, but egad doesn't all that other shite turn me green. Right on, ok, the rant of a single male on Valentine's Day is over..enjoy it if you day is coming in a month, bring on St. Paddy's day already.

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Sunday, February 11, 2007

What Is It With Small Town Boys.....

that makes them feel the need to puff up their chests, fight for the sake of fighting?? I mean really, what is the point??? I could assume that if you were to analyze their behavior at its most basic animalistic sense, one could see it as nothing more then a simplistic almost instinctual mating ritual... like two rams bashing heads, survival of the fittest. I haven't got that it regressive, an abnormal gene, not shared by the vast majority of the human population...wait am I the one who is weird??? I haven't an aggressive bone in body, I tend to scope out the trouble spots in a social setting, and either avoid it, or I identify the most pressing threat to myself and those around me and try to neutralize that threat, pacify it if I can, I get on their do not attack list...I am not risking my pretty face on the off chance that it may attract the attention of those of the fairer sex...hell I am not all that sure that those ladies that are turned on by fisticuffs are my type of girl anyway. Why can't we be friends????

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Friday, February 9, 2007


Friday night, everyone but me has plans...can't receive my next assignment, because of some security certificate snafu...blah, blah, of those days where I wish I had a passport and a pile of money....would love nothing more then to leave on a jet plane. The life mundane, has messed my brain. Oh to be in Montreal, to hit St. Denis, to gaze at the lovelies (bundled yes, but delicious as only les belle filles de Montreal can be), to eat a fine French meal, drink a spicy red wine...just dig life. Nova Scotia in February is to be expressive...bitch, cure the twitch..scratch the itch. Stuck in, devoid of fun, the urge is to run, run and run.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Global Warming My Azz

Turns out Exxon Mobile is offering $10,000 to any scientist that will publicly refute the claims that global warming is primarily caused by human activity; hell I want in, I'd be willing to play faux scientist for a little quick scratch. Hell, I could even come up with some pretty damning counter-statistics, take the average temperatures for the last month or so in Nova Scotia for example...bah global warming, toss me those keys to the s.u.v....I am headed for a long trip south, and I am keeping the motor running.

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Friday, February 2, 2007

Amused Musings

The problem with small town Nova Scotia is that when you feel like hitting the town, when you would like to make an ass of yourself, your options are limited. Sure one could go to the local club, aptly named Grizzlies, the chances that you might actually have a good time at such an establishment are yep you guessed it grizzly. So what is a young ( good looking if I might add) fella to do with his bad self on a night like this?? Thankfully I have a few friends who keep me amused online when my brain wanders. When I dream of the bigger and the better, when my feet get the itch, I have good friends that listen to me pontificate, that let me randomly muse if you will.

I have resisted making any truly personal reflections on this blog, my fear being that a simple Google search with my name and blogs could lead certain females right into the inner workings of the brain of Joe. This of course has forced me to write shorthand that which I would love to blow at on line. Lets just say a certain girl whom I will not name, has reemerged of late, and is reeking havoc on my fragile brain. Involving me in her personal life, asking advice, comme tout est normale, comme tout est oublie...blllaaah, je pense que je dit toujours trop. Yes I use la langue francais as a safety net, a man has to hide behind something.

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