Friday, February 2, 2007

Amused Musings

The problem with small town Nova Scotia is that when you feel like hitting the town, when you would like to make an ass of yourself, your options are limited. Sure one could go to the local club, aptly named Grizzlies, the chances that you might actually have a good time at such an establishment are yep you guessed it grizzly. So what is a young ( good looking if I might add) fella to do with his bad self on a night like this?? Thankfully I have a few friends who keep me amused online when my brain wanders. When I dream of the bigger and the better, when my feet get the itch, I have good friends that listen to me pontificate, that let me randomly muse if you will.

I have resisted making any truly personal reflections on this blog, my fear being that a simple Google search with my name and blogs could lead certain females right into the inner workings of the brain of Joe. This of course has forced me to write shorthand that which I would love to blow at on line. Lets just say a certain girl whom I will not name, has reemerged of late, and is reeking havoc on my fragile brain. Involving me in her personal life, asking advice, comme tout est normale, comme tout est oublie...blllaaah, je pense que je dit toujours trop. Yes I use la langue francais as a safety net, a man has to hide behind something.

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