Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Freakin Valentine's Day

If you haven't been smacked in the face by the cut-out hearts, Cupid's bare arse, and all the other uber-tacky Vday products that clutter the local shops, well you have been either living on the moon, or in solitary confinement. Yes my dear friends Capitalism's answer to the spending lull between Xmas and Easter is upon us. Wait, wait you may be saying Valentine's Day is a day dedicated to all things's a day where if you are single (a voila) you are miserable, and if you are coupled up you fear that you will mess the whole thing up (what male on the planet has any idea what a female wants, or what she is thinking). I mean really, what kind of true romantic gesture is it to give a girl a rose, a box of chocolates, or a cheesy 2 buck Hallmark card???..I am not at all against going out to a nice restaurant, eating a fine meal, drinking a nice bottle of wine then say spending the rest of the night being 'romantic' in the sack, but egad doesn't all that other shite turn me green. Right on, ok, the rant of a single male on Valentine's Day is over..enjoy it if you day is coming in a month, bring on St. Paddy's day already.

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