Friday, December 14, 2007

I should be sleeping....

Or I could be working, I should be figuring it out. The xylophone has my head spinning, it is not a musical experience all that often enjoyed. I find that it takes me to the warm, the exotic, if only I could hear a steel drum, wham I would be away, I would be there, wherever that is? My headphones are affecting my fingers, I am swayed by the beat of it, the lyrical meat of it....the noise has usurped me, I am its swing and groove.

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Rants of the past, Part Deux

If they mock, scoff, write them off as incompetent. Fools they must be, archaic in mind and soul. Dumbfounded, foolheartedly hoodwinked by their religion , their false prophets, the holes in their constitutions. Wrong is their self-righteousness, wrong their sense of right and wrong. So let them cling to their sense of power, their us versus them. Their time, my friends, is near, the fog will clear, intelligence will trump dogma, stronger wills will prevail. The good fight is the only battle worth fighting, rights over rites, logic not profit. Carry on beautiful dreamers, your day will come.

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Rants of the past

Rant, rave, spit blood, take the kick to the balls, wallow in the mud. Laugh it off, strike back, act as if you know you are right. Write young man write.

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