Tuesday, January 30, 2007

A Spot of Canadiana

Global warming is for real, 4 out of 5 Canadians believe that they have experienced it first hand.... but if there is anything that is as Canadian as say maple syrup it is the fact that it will be as cold as it is going to get the last two weeks of January and the first two weeks of February. Normally this would make me want to crawl into a deep state of hibernation...fatten up, grow a beard generally bitch about the weather. But guess what, tonight I have decided to tip my hat to Mother Nature, why you ask? Well because, on the out skirts of the town where I reside there is a protected wetland, which because of the cold weather has frozen over, making a huge skating rink. Last Sunday my sister, her 2 daughters and I ventured out to this frozen wonderland, and to tell you the truth it did my soul a world of good. It has long been said that winter is a fantastic season as long as you get out in it and enjoy it for its virtues... the surly Joe would scoff at such a notion..bah I hate the cold, bah snow sucks, bah bah bah...but on this given Sunday with a pair of skates and ice as far as the eye could see, the kid came out, the cheeks shone rosier, all was good in the country known as Canada.

Friday, January 26, 2007

The Art of Joe

Seems I may have a minute, or perhaps a half a second, to rattle something off, yes the ever recurring; writing to write, a delicate ballet des mots, or the circus of the absurd. Somewhere in between the profound may exist... the challenge is to bang les bon mots out until, yes just maybe something worth mentioning is said.

Egad this is what happens when a go on an adventure, a trip with no destination; I tend to get lost, the challenge, hell the fun of it all is that in between space, where you aren't sure if you are closer to the beginning or the end of said adventure. Sadly je pense que cet belle histoire est fini .....yep, it's a fair bet that I should end this trip, that I should get back to reality, cease and desist the writing to write, because I am going in circles, and I am easily dizzied.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

And Then The Rain Came....

The wacky wild winter weather continues. It has gone from heavy snow, to frigid cold, to heavy rain all in the space of 4 or 5 days...madness really. Well golly gee I thought yet another weather bitch, might make good fodder for the blog....but I got nothing, seems my inspiration is dropping as fast as the rain....how's the weather anyway??...yep right, that is the universal, I am bored, the I haven't got a helluva lot to say, I am filling in time, trying to keep the dialogue a float....the weather is horrible as usual.... if you live in my part of the world, hell wait 10 minutes, it just might change. On and on I go, this direction and that, all in the quest of art, or maybe just an unconventional weather report.

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Saturday, January 13, 2007

One Of Those Nights....

Where I feel compelled to write, just to write, to write because that is what I am expected to do, to write because it would be futile not to, to write because frankly it feels right. Strangely it is also one of those nights where I have nothing to say, no real news to relay, and therefore, I feel compelled to ramble, to blab, and gab about nothing at all. Simply filling in time, or am I wasting time, but what is time but a thing meant to be wasted, like money which is useless unless spent. On and on I go, my point being, and this is pertinent because...I am doing this why??? This must be an exercise in stream of consciousness, I am like a jazz musician, it is my time for a solo, blow Joe blow. Stop, oh shit begin, I have to end this with something, back to the start, there has to be some point to all this, some grand gesture, an important bit of symbolism, a moral to the story...um nope, its devoid of any of that, simply a spot of fun...writing to write, thats all right...right???

Monday, January 8, 2007

Some Thoughts On A Freakishly Warm January Day

Ah yes the last I checked it was the 9th of January, the year 2007 (still wrapping my melon around that inflated number), how then can it be 11 degrees at 20 to 1 in the morning??? What gives, are all the scientist types right??? Is this wacky blue planet of ours boiling over??? Last Thursday, January 3rd I suppose, I comfortably wore shorts, all day long....now when I was a young smart ass early 20 something type, I would try to pull similar stunts, the difference being that I would get home blue kneed...so whats to be done??? Do we grin and bare it??? Who really likes the sub zero cold of January in Canada anyway right??? Is there anything really that can be done??? The whole we have reached the point of no return debate. All I know is that something is amiss, it is far too warm, part of me is happier than a pig in shit, but the rational..the holy crap the world has gone to shit part of me (oh yes the dark side is strong in me), thinks we should maybe start thinking about cleaning up are mess.....that or leave the planet altogether, the rest of the earth's plants an animals seemed to keep a relatively clean house before we arrived.