Friday, January 26, 2007

The Art of Joe

Seems I may have a minute, or perhaps a half a second, to rattle something off, yes the ever recurring; writing to write, a delicate ballet des mots, or the circus of the absurd. Somewhere in between the profound may exist... the challenge is to bang les bon mots out until, yes just maybe something worth mentioning is said.

Egad this is what happens when a go on an adventure, a trip with no destination; I tend to get lost, the challenge, hell the fun of it all is that in between space, where you aren't sure if you are closer to the beginning or the end of said adventure. Sadly je pense que cet belle histoire est fini .....yep, it's a fair bet that I should end this trip, that I should get back to reality, cease and desist the writing to write, because I am going in circles, and I am easily dizzied.

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