Saturday, January 13, 2007

One Of Those Nights....

Where I feel compelled to write, just to write, to write because that is what I am expected to do, to write because it would be futile not to, to write because frankly it feels right. Strangely it is also one of those nights where I have nothing to say, no real news to relay, and therefore, I feel compelled to ramble, to blab, and gab about nothing at all. Simply filling in time, or am I wasting time, but what is time but a thing meant to be wasted, like money which is useless unless spent. On and on I go, my point being, and this is pertinent because...I am doing this why??? This must be an exercise in stream of consciousness, I am like a jazz musician, it is my time for a solo, blow Joe blow. Stop, oh shit begin, I have to end this with something, back to the start, there has to be some point to all this, some grand gesture, an important bit of symbolism, a moral to the nope, its devoid of any of that, simply a spot of fun...writing to write, thats all right...right???

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