Monday, January 8, 2007

Some Thoughts On A Freakishly Warm January Day

Ah yes the last I checked it was the 9th of January, the year 2007 (still wrapping my melon around that inflated number), how then can it be 11 degrees at 20 to 1 in the morning??? What gives, are all the scientist types right??? Is this wacky blue planet of ours boiling over??? Last Thursday, January 3rd I suppose, I comfortably wore shorts, all day when I was a young smart ass early 20 something type, I would try to pull similar stunts, the difference being that I would get home blue whats to be done??? Do we grin and bare it??? Who really likes the sub zero cold of January in Canada anyway right??? Is there anything really that can be done??? The whole we have reached the point of no return debate. All I know is that something is amiss, it is far too warm, part of me is happier than a pig in shit, but the rational..the holy crap the world has gone to shit part of me (oh yes the dark side is strong in me), thinks we should maybe start thinking about cleaning up are mess.....that or leave the planet altogether, the rest of the earth's plants an animals seemed to keep a relatively clean house before we arrived.

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