Sunday, December 17, 2006

Can You Hear The Rumble??

Well yes, my solitude is about to be smashed, the house is soon to be filled with the pitter and the patter of little feet..and yes even a few new pairs of even bigger feet....eeeeks, my perfection of the troll, the mystic that I have developed as a recluse...all set to change, I will soon have to act the big brother, the wacky uncle...heck i may have to become a man about the world.. if in doing such I might find somewhere in this big wide world, a quiet corner, a wifi Internet connection, a hanging light bulb, a spot to think, rethink, type, read...inhale, heck exhale, digest. I am not worried, i am not concerned, its all a matter of adaption, acquiring new skills, forming new habits.

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