Saturday, June 9, 2007

Question everything..

It is intellectually dishonest to blindly follow our political, religious, business or educational leaders. They depend on a dumb, blind flock, they peddle their lies because they profit in stupor. I demand that every decision, edict, price change or theory be met with a why? Debate everything, stand up for your smallest and most grandiose ideas. Ask yourself why? It is just as dishonest to blindly cling to one's own philosophies, social mores, spending habits or past learning. Keep your eyes open, listen to everything, debate, always ask why? In the end the only honest answer you will find, is why not?

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Gene said...

Amen brother. Best statement I've read in years.


Joseph said...

Thanks boss. Just something my brain farted out the other day. Probably a lot of it stolen from Vonnegut et al. But good words to live by I feel.