Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Its good to tune out sometimes...

Things are a mess. The Middle East is on Fire. Ottawa has decided that it is politically expedient to piss all over the Maritimes, let them eat cake, Harper seems to think, and why not? His government has no need of our small block of votes. WMDs have been found, no not in Iraq, but in the Atlantic Ocean, the US seems to feel that they can willfully use the ocean as a toilet bowl for their spent waste..flush. On and on it goes. The news reel on repeat, a vicious cycle, nothing new here folks, close your eyes, plug your nose, grin and bare it.

So to heck with it, rant all I like, what does it matter, who is listening, who in the know, who in the upper-echelon really gives a hoot? I am going to enjoy the simple things, I am going to tune them out for the day. I will listen to Marvin Gaye, eat some pasta, drink some wine. I will enjoy the company of those I care about. Tonight I am going to pretend that everything is fine. Tonight I smile. Tonight I forget, thats what they want me to do anyway.

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