Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Gimp....

I arrive home after a night peddling beer and for the most part Digby scallops (they were all the rage, a 'special', that was actually special, minus the rice), only to hear the voice of Katie, which instantly made me grin...however, and egad, I spot the crutches, my heart sinks. Katie is damaged, she is gimped...sigh.

Ok, nothing broken, she has a badly bruised right foot, a work related injury (dangerous occupation that of an artist). All this is fine, (sucks to be her) because it allows me to coddle and spoil. I take care of my friends, does my soul good to protect, to make things well.

The image of her bounding through the house, a room at a time on crutches is a sight to behold. I am thinking that she might be a world champion calibre 100 metre crutchist. Para-Olympics here she comes.

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