Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Random..Where is my head at?

Its been summery, the leaves have popped, all is green. I have been unusually busy lately, I have not been able to ply my trade (if my trade is that of a writer, not a peddler of beers or flirter of girls). I find myself at a loss for words, I am lost in the plot, I have hit the wall. Life has not been mundane, I encounter interesting folks on a near daily basis, but it seems I have lost the ability to articulate. It might be more a matter of getting back on the horse, write to write, I may need to spit nouns, verbs etc, irregardless of meaning or style. To hell with the critics, or THE critic, the worst of them all being myself. Perfectionism is the bane of art..its sucks the soul, it steals words and ideas. I must plow through.

So the mission, giving the time and opportunity, is to carry on. Drop a note here and there. Not on weekly or bi-weekly intervals, daily, hell twice a day, maybe three times is the charm.. that or I strike out altogether.

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