Thursday, May 24, 2007

Funny these small towns...

It was 1:23 or so a.m. I was outside having my last cigarette of the night (bad bad bad, ya I know..this one was special, you will see), when I hear clop, clop and clop..a strange sound for that time of the night, Annapolis has a certain buzz at night, whether it be the refrigerators of the supermarkets or the street lights, but clop, clop and then clop?? I turn my head, what do I see?? That's the special, hold on I am getting there..dramatic effect..hold on, patience. I turn my head and wouldn't you know it 3 young deers are waking right down the yellow line on St. Anthony Street, they sense me, I may have coughed, sniffed or simply exhaled..maybe it was a wow, anyway it matters not, they froze for a moment, they sized me up, gave me the once over. They did not scatter, sure they had an extra spring in their step, their little tails were raised a bit, they were extra-sensory, but they went on their way, I put out my smoke, I went to bed happy, there is nothing like a close encounter with the planet's other inhabitants to replenish the soul. Godspeed my deers.

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