Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Patrick's Day Should Be A National Holiday

Sure, the percentage of people in Canada with Irish roots is probably not all that high, and I would guess that it is dwindling year to year, but why the heck not? I realize that Easter is only a week or so away. I am not a fan of Easter, I don't get it, yet another commercialized Christian holiday, what the heck does a rabbit have to do with the death, and then reappearance of a quasi-fictional religious prophet??? I respect those Christians who feel that the whole Easter event is a significant event,and sure let them celebrate it, a holiday is a holiday is a holiday. But why the bunny? The whole pagan/Christian mishmash of holidays always confused me, throw in capitalism and it just appears to me to be yet another Hallmark and chocolate cabal cash grab, tacky to the extreme.

Yes, there is a lot of kitsch attached to St. Patrick's Day, hell its really no more than excuse for those with Irish roots, and those without to go and drink, green beer, or pretend to enjoy Guinness. But at least there is joy in the celebration, there is a feeling of togetherness on St. Paddy's that is not seen in holidays that have a religious attachment. Everyone is Irish on March 17th, why keep them from a pub?

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