Thursday, March 20, 2008

Every Now and Then......

To say that I am jaded by the politics of the now would be an understatement. I am idealistic, romantic enough, flummoxed perhaps by Nietzsche enough, to believe that our political leaders should be remarkable, they should be intellectually superior, they should be passionate in their beliefs, there should be a litmus test they all must pass in order to justify their position of power. Sadly, it just does not work that way, George W. Bush is the antithesis of all that I see as wrong in politics. Here is a man, that had a free pass academically, militarily, and politically, simply because of his family ties. In my opinion, a man as mediocre in every way like George W. has no right to the title as the most powerful man in the world. Even as a puppet, a man whose strings are pulled by men far more intellectually advanced, and politically astute, than Bush, Bush has failed in every way. He has made a mockery of the White House. He is what is wrong in the world today.

All it seems is not lost, the ridiculous reign of Bush II, is quickly coming to an end. And, my God, there is a candidate who seems exceptional. Barrack Obama, is exciting, here is a man who can speak the English language, a man who can not only read, and memorize a political speech, but can write a speech that can galvanize the nation. Obama's speech on race and religion is the greatest piece of political/social commentary that I have ever read.
He spoke (like Jon Stewart said last night) to the American people like they were adults. He was able to touch on themes that are uncomfortable, and yet open the door to a dialog, which frankly the USA has been avoiding since its inception.

My concern now, and I don't think it is all that out of bounds, I worry that the USA electorate may choose the easy way out. Denial is easy, why dig up old wounds, why not stick to the status quo? It is very easy simply to elect the token, unexceptional old white fella, or the the prototypical Democratic candidate, whose most controversial political issue is universal health care (as noble an idea as that is). Obama may be too exceptional, here we have a Black man, a man with an engaging mind, a fella whom is not afraid to address Americans many worts, and discuss ways of healing them. Is America ready, is America brave enough? I sure hope so.

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