Friday, March 14, 2008

Gratuitous Random Muse

Here it goes. I could go in a million directions, I have pages and pages all the more of notes written whilst in Europe, I have strong feelings about the never ending Presidential Primaries, I have even tried to catch up with the political scene here in Canada. As you can see, I have so much to say, too much really, where is a fella supposed to begin?

Lets start with the weather,a cop out, the fail safe. Winter it seems is as never ending as the Primaries. Rumours are swirling that a large winter storm is looming, estimated time of arrival, Monday. Funny because I can feel it, I have that nagging ache in my bones, things are about to turn shitty. Oh spring where art thou? I left you in Europe, I politely invited you to return with me, I know that Europe is grand, but come on, how about a little love for the humble folks of the Canadian East Coast.

Geez, that was a whole lot of nothing. I am trying to free associate, spit words, randomly rant. To hell with structure, let the fingers tell the story, unblock the block between brain and finger. Perhaps that method only works with poetry, perhaps I am not in fact Jack Kerouak, perhaps I need to study my notes, perhaps this is the wrong medium....blogged and blarghed.

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