Tuesday, March 18, 2008

More Easter Thoughts

I decided to do some research on Easter, I understand the symbolic nature of the holiday, its the roving date that has me flummoxed. A quick Wiki search and I learned that Easter is termed a movable feast, it is not attached in any way to the civil calender. It follows the cycle of the moon, hmmm, so as near as I can tell, and with Wiki as my reference Easter is the first Sunday after the first fourteenth day of the moon that is on or after March 21st (my b'day, which this year is Good Friday, furthering my confusion). Is it only me that doesn't understand the mathematics here?? Am I simply too daft to understand the infinite wisdom of our ancient men of religion? And how is it that March 21st is Good Friday? I can not remember my birthday, and the first full day of Spring ever falling on a holy day. Confused I am by the whole thing. Be warned my Christian friends, I do not much like March 21 being attached to your roaming celebration of bunnies, death, and resurrection, the whole thing gives me the willies, I like March 21 like it is, my birthday, and the beginning of Spring. I will loan you the day this year, but you had better not sully it.

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