Friday, March 14, 2008

Presidential Pop Cultural

There is a global hunger for political change in the US. All throughout Europe I met people who were excited, and even emotionally invested in the political happenings in the USA. It is more than simple a world sick of the failures, and ineptitude of the Bush cabal, there is a feeling out there that Obama and to a lesser extent Clinton represent positive change. Obama is a pop star, he transcends race, gender, and generation. The prospect that finally the US has matured enough to vote for a president irregardless of their race, or middle name, has people seeing beyond the murk of the current administration. There will be messes to clean up, but there seems to be a sense of renewed goodwill, and that will make the transition from murk to renewed positivity easier to bare.

Hillary Clinton does not have the same sort of pop star glow that Obama emits, but I think most progressives feel she is a solid second choice. Had this been a different race, had Obama felt he was not yet ready for the challenge, Hillary's star would have shown brightly. She is, ladies and gents, the first legitimate female candidate to run for president, she is a formidable lady. I believe she has the chops to be a heck of a President, unfortunately for her, the timing was not quite right. Leave it to the US to try and run a black man vs. a woman in the same year, and yes I know they are in the same party, but the competition for the White House is between those two, McCain is a non factor, he is the GOP's lame duck candidate, the GOP are calling a mulligan this time around. God willing.

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