Tuesday, April 8, 2008

When his world turns upside down

Oh what a few weeks he has had,
As close as he has ever been to mad.
Mad not bad,
He hopes this is more than fad.
Rhymes, and fancy words,
Stung in the heart by 80s guitar chords.
All he can do is write it through,
His brain is goo, but belongs to you.
Babble on he will,
Amazed, and awed by each new thrill.
He has started writing poetry again,
Wonders when it all really began.
Feels like forever,
Wishes to never say never.
On and on he goes,
Caught up in the throes.
He wishes to be there,
As mad as he is like a hare.
He can find no reason to frown,
Now that his world is upside down.

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