Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sitting in the mall.....

People watching, it rains outside. Supposed to be job searching, more apt to be web surfing. Yes, I have peeked, dipped a few toes in the water. Hard to find motivation on a rainy old day. People walk by, the odd old fart stands behind me stares in dumb awe at my computer screen. A quasi-wino asks me to explain to him the comings, goings, and inner workings of wifi technology, I answer as best I can. I am not sure how it works, I simply know that it does. Always the driver, never the mechanic, I hate getting my hands dirty. Ramble on I will, the distraction of the mall makes it hard to write in proper sentences, the flow for thought to screen constantly disrupted by each passing consumer. I should be looking for work, was that not the plan of attack today, was that not why I came downtown??? Or was it because she wanted me to come for the ride? The job search just a suggestion, a thing to kill the hours. What do I do but write, think about what I should do, and what I might.

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