Saturday, July 11, 2009

To rant randomely.

To prattle away with words. Spin them around, throw them out there, no matter their cause or effect.

What's on my mind? Cigarettes, pretty much every waking second, yes, oh and forget about sleeping, I roll, I scratch, I ache. It sucks.

Anything else? Whiny children driving me a bit daft. No escape.

Bored of social media. A lot of talk about not a much at all.

Fuck these cravings, fuck this mood I am in. Yes if I were to give in, just a quick fag, whammo, improved mood. But, no, fight it off. Be strong.

Drink coffee, type through it. Focus? Not with how this feels. A type and run. Poof!

There dear old blog. A random rant, spurred on by want for smoke, for want of relief. More, later, maybe.

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