Monday, May 12, 2008

The Ride to a Cabin

Imagine a rural highway, think if it was filled to the brim with raccoons, deer, and mad stray dogs. Then imagine that a car on this rural highway is filled with 3 city folks, and a fella that is not from
the area at all. Imagine still that these four travelers are hopelessly lost (sorta). My God then think what it would be like if the rolling, animal filled hills and valleys of this rural road failed to yield any
cell phone signal and the four are 3 urbanites and a fella that is lost altogether, egad the humanity of it all. A hellish trip right? Well it had its moments to be sure, but in retrospect it was the perfect way to start a night of partying in a country cabin. Really isn't that prototypically how most great nights in the woods start? There needs to be a few tense moments, say like almost hitting a huge stray dog (or was it a black panther?? long story) to get the adrenalin spiked to a point where upon safe arrival everyone wants to howl at the moon. Huge props, and a million hugs to my girl that got us there in one piece.

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