Friday, January 25, 2008

Euro Trip

I have been in Europe for about 36 hours, and it feels about right. It is late January, the armpit of all that is wrong as far as climate, winter-wise if you are a Canadian, however, in Ireland at the right proper hour of 1:45 a.m. it is comfortable enough to go outside and have a ciggy in a tee-shirt...mad I tell ya.

As for my voyage, it was a haul, but it all ran smoothly. London Heathrow is a ridiculously large airport, it has 3 separate terminals, none of this whole one large hub thing that is the rage across the lake. I lucked out, Air Canada doles out free headphones so that you can watch the in flight movies. The thing is that the headphones that they give you have 2 prongs, not one,and the audio outlet on this particular jet was a one pronger. I struggled with this dilemma, and noticed that the fella beside me was also perplexed. We both got to the point where we were ah fuck, shag it, when I realized that you could flick one of the headphone prongs down, thus turning a 2 prong set into a one prong set. I was stoked, I choose my movie, Super Bad, and was content to sit and be pandered to. That was when I thought, buddy next to me had gone through the same frustration as I had, with those God forsaken head phones, and a good bloke would give him the heads up, right? And so I did. Its funny how karma works. That was the full extent of the communication we had had on the plane, but he was a brilliant bit of help in London. The two of us, both severely craving a smoke, after close to 10 hours without, both ran to the nearest exit upon arriving at Heathrow. I was a bit standoffish at, tis the Canadian way, we have problems approaching strangers (something about a black van, I think), anyway, I could tell by his accent (while snooping in when he chatted with the stewardess) that he was a Brit. Long story short, I asked him if he knew the cheapest, fasted way to Euston Station and thus Holyhead, and he did, oh and just for the cherry on the top, and to further prove that the world is a tiny spot, he worked at the Holyhead Ferry Terminal, which is exactly where I wanted to be. The morale of the story is to help a brother out, because in the end they will reciprocate, even if your problem seem larger than their's.

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ARCAC 25 years of arts said...

so the other moral of the story talk to strangers.
Enjoy it all brother.

Susan Lane said...

Outdoors in January in a t-shirt...I can't imagine. Its minus 14 here as I type.

Keep the travel log coming,love hearing all about your adventures.

Hugs to the family for me.


Joseph said...

Morales, and morals have never been much of an interest of for strangers, its all about the look in their eye when you approach them, oh and always avoid the man in the black van, regardless of the candy he offers.

Joseph said...

Spring has sprung in Europe, I strategically timed my escape. Considered the wee ones amply hugged.